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In the field of performative arts, CK ZAMEK can boast a number of extensive curatorial programmes (Archives of the Body in 2013, #you are not unimportant to me in 2013-2014, From a Frog’s Perspective in 2015, and Universal Theatre, running from 2016), a project of European art residencies co-financed from the EU programme Culture 2000, carried out in collaboration with Les Brigittines – Centre for Contemporary Art in Brussels and Briqueterie Vitry-sur- Seine near Paris (Metamorphoses, 2014). Also, there are events and undertakings resulting from our own artist-in- residence programme, whose participants are selected each year following a competition. Apart from the large-scale, often interdisciplinary programmes, a number of productions are staged in theatres / institutions across Poland; there are also performances for the youngest audiences (e.g. by Atofri Theatre), shows of the Polish Dance Theatre, productions shown as part of the Theatre Spring of the Young, an event we organize, as well as performances of our very own Dramatic Studio Próby.