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We encourage readership, propagate literature and promote good and sound fashion for reading. Our projects include large festivals (Poznań of the Poets, Festival of the Plot), recurring events (e.g. Serial Poets, organized in collaboration with WBPiCAK publishers, Keys to Imagination in 2014, The Castle of Reporters in 2015), debates, book promotions, workshops for children and the young, undertakings in the urban space (Street of Books), book swap events, scholarly sessions, competitions, poetry slams and night readings. Also, we coordinate the work associated with the annual Poznań Literary Award. This year we have come forward with another series, entitled The Castle of Books, focusing exclusively on literature for children and young adults. We are open to collaboration with publishing houses and bookstores. All our actions and efforts are rooted in the conviction that ‘literature is a necessity of the speaking individual’ and that it is literature (more than any other art discipline) which offers us the best tools for building a community and building relationships; for learning about the world and finding out about ourselves.

Poznań Poetów 2021


Festiwal Fabuły 2020