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A meeting with musicians and a lecture about the musical cultures of Egypt recorded as part of the JuJu Sounds project. The outstanding vocalist Rashida Sayed and the members of her band will be interviewed by Łukasz Komła – editor of
The Domari are related to the Romani people living in Europe. Both peoples came from around present-day Rajasthan and are linked by their mode of dress, preferred activities and nomadic lifestyle. Regardless of location, the Romani and Domari people have been and continue to be stigmatised and excluded from society in various ways. They usually fit into the category of the exotic "other," which was dangerous, repulsive and yet fascinating at the same time.

Rashida Sayed is an artist from outside the mainstream of world music, living in one of the Nile Delta towns where the spotlight of the stage does not reach. A few years ago Luka Kumor, who runs the JuJu Sounds record label, became fascinated by her voice. To escape the hustle and bustle of the Egyptian street, the unique recordings of the artist were made in the bedroom of one of the houses of the musicians accompanying her.

Łukasz Komła – a historian by profession, for over 10 years the editor of He searches for innovative sound forms from various parts of the world. He also wrote about Polish music for "Gazeta Magnetofonowa", on his blog "Płyty (nie)słuchane" and in the magazines "LAIF" and "M/I Kwartalnik Muzyczny", "Przekrój", "Dwutygodnik", "Polyphonia" and "". Music curator of the Gdańsk New Music Days festival and the Warsaw AfryKamera festival.

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